A Reservist's Tale Of A Tour

The World’s Most Hellish Easter Egg Hunt

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When I whined about how much of an annoying process getting out of here is on Facebook, a friend of mine described outclearing as “The World’s Most Hellish Easter Egg Hunt”, and so I naturally stole that as a title for this post. Yesterday I left my home for the last few months and headed to another camp, which is where most of the Canadian staff are based, to start the process of leaving the country. Much as when we were getting set to leave Canada, we have PRV checklists to get signed off by all sorts of people, briefings to attend, kit to return, and all sorts of tedium in order to be ready to get out of here.

So I’m back in the K-Span in which I spent my first day or so in Afghanistan. A massive building full of uncomfortable bunk beds and people coming and going constantly. And I arrived early so I have more time than some to spend here. The prize, I must remember, is that before very long I will travel to the airport and then onto a plane out of Afghanistan. This tedious running around getting signatures and ditching kit and so on is just the price of that.

Packing was a load of fun. I doubt I could have fit much more into my bags, and this morning, it dawned on me that I have to rearrange them because when I get to decompression, I’ll only have access to one of them – my barrack box, and the carry on bag I have for the flight. And I didn’t have my shoes in there. So I’ll shift around stuff. I have one extra bag stashed that I’ll use if I have to, so it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t all go back together the way I expected.

In the meantime I’ve finished up my road trip plan mostly, and gotten some of the other things I was worried about taken care of, I only need to hope that the weather is all good, and then it’ll be fine. The job picture for when I get is looking good too, I have a pretty good idea of what might happen, so I can’t complain about anything right now except for being bored and not sleeping well in this building.

Last minute souvenirs and possibly a carpet for a friend of mine are all I have to get done now, so really, it’s all done here. In fact, I think this will likely be the last post I put up from Afghanistan, and just about the end of the blog. I will add some stuff about the “epilogue”, but that’s really probably all I’ll do with it. Amazing to think that it was just less than a year ago that I first headed to Gagetown to start the journey, and now it’s almost done.

Written by Nick

October 13, 2012 at 5:02 am

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