A Reservist's Tale Of A Tour

So much for those plans!

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Our range day didn’t happen, because apparently there’s not quite a perfect system for coordinating when the range can be used. We used to go up onto the ANA garrison to use their range, but a range has been rebuilt closer to camp and just opened. Well, sort of. See, because we are in a fairly densely populated area, ranges aren’t just, as one of my Twitter mates said, “thataway…” – you can’t just shoot anywhere in a populated area. The new range is set up reasonably well, but there’s a road that runs behind it to one of the local “tourist attractions”, and it turns out that being a really nice day there was a lot of tourists out and about. So after waiting to try to account for everyone so we could go live, we got word to just shut it down.

Oh well. It was a good little hike to get there in full battle rattle, I’ll call it supplementary PT or something, and life goes on.

As we were there, getting a team picture taken, our Sergeant Major (not the one I’ve mentioned before, who’s just gone back to Australia in fact), says “So I found this interesting blog last night about CTC-A and about someone who works there traveling to Germany.” I laughed, because while I’ve not hidden this (obviously), I’ve also not publicized it particularly. And because I don’t know how people will react, for PERSEC reasons as well, I don’t mention anyone by name or really at all – I figure it’s just a better way to do things, after all. But it is an interesting cast of characters here, one that’s changed several times while I’ve been here as people come and go and the institution gets smaller. What’s amazing about the place is that we pretty much all get along well, which isn’t always the way things go in any workplace, and when thinking of your regular average job, add into that that we work longer hours, and we live in close quarters too. It’s not like you have a social life separate from your work life really – they basically merge, albeit it not perfectly. We work out on different schedules. Thursday nights I play trivia with Brits, most of the lads watch a movie in the office – it varies a bit. But we’re rarely far from each other, we eat most of our meals together, and so on. I guess we’d have to get along whether we want to or not, when you think about it.

Written by Nick

June 15, 2012 at 8:02 am

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