A Reservist's Tale Of A Tour

Write Down Timings, Then Show Up Early Anyhow…

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Before I left the office Monday night I scribbled a note about when we were due in this morning for a parade which was supposed to see a large number of “while so employed” promotions being done. I had down that we were forming up at 7:30. So I made a point of being at Battalion at around 7:20. And I was one of the last to arrive. And walked down the frontage instead of just hiding in the back as I went to fall in with my camp, which was of course at the far end of the hall. Fortunately, nothing more was said, and the parade didn’t end up starting until 7:30, at which point we were told that the WSE promotions weren’t ready anyhow, and since we were all here, we were going to carry on with drug testing. Not really a surprise, and not something I’m worried about, but it was quite a production. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad in terms of organization, and I quickly went and stood in the next line of the day – to see the medics who wanted to review my needle book to make sure I got all my shots (which I was already signed off for before I left Halifax – pay attention, there’s a theme here!). Good to go. By that time I headed to the kitchen for lunch as the next line, to pick up my PRV form, was too long.

Back from lunch I got into another line, and into a conversation with some people about the idea of doing a social experiment of getting some soldiers to form a line at random, and see how many people would join without knowing what it was actually for. After I got to the counter, a flustered clerk reported he couldn’t find my paperwork. Why, you ask? Because all the Reservist files are segregated, and were in another office. With no line. Oh well. Off to mental health screening after that, a quick chat with a social worker (which again I had already done), a new signature on the PRV, and back to the office to drop it off.

I did find out that I’m getting paid tomorrow, though my contract hasn’t quite come through, it should be sorted for next pay day though.

The day ended with some notes from an OGrp (and a meeting I was supposed to attend that no one bothered to tell me about!) about what’s going on for the next few days, and we were gone. Tomorrow, I’m off to get my CBRN IBTS check in the box – which means a trip to the gas hut – a room that will be nicely filled with CS (tear gas) to confirm I know how to mask up, drink with my mask on, decontaminate myself, and all that fun stuff. following that, we’re meeting with the guy who’s come back from our camp to pick his brain a little more, which might include beer and wings at a place off base… we’ll just have to see.

Written by Nick

November 15, 2011 at 10:54 pm

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