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Back from weekend leave and feeling kind of restless. This week should be interesting, we are actually going to be starting to really train. Tomorrow morning will find me in briefings in the morning (I think involving guys on the “reverse TAV” – people serving on Roto 0 back to share their knowledge), and the afternoon is a “free day” – which means probably some combination of PT and some other administration time. I do have some things I need to find time to do this week, like ordering all my desert kit that I was apparently supposed to get before coming to Gagetown. Tuesday is more of the same, but there’s nothing in any detail on my schedule, probably just a slew of briefings on money issues, MFRC, leave, and so on and so forth. Wednesday we’re off to the gas hut to get tear gassed and confirm our CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) drills are good. I guess I’ll pay for forgetting my mask last week if it turns out mine doesn’t fit. Thursday and Friday are ranges, and I should be on leave and back to Halifax Friday night.

I started a bit more into my Dari course – the first modules are just getting familiar with the Persian alphabet and script – some simple stuff, so I’ve been doing some writing, copying out various words they have – a random assortment, but I figure that it’s a good idea to just get used to the feel of the language. Like Arabic, there aren’t really any written short vowels in Dari, it’s left to the reader to fill them in, something that a native speaker would do implicitly by context. That’s the tricky thing I think I’m going to find. If you don’t know what vowels go into a word, you can’t pronounce something just from really. I’m hoping that there’s a way to tackle this, but I think it’s rote memorization to a great extent – but again, I’m hoping by getting a jump on language courses I’ll have some ability to interact with Afghan when I get there.

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November 14, 2011 at 12:15 am

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