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I went to PT with the TF HQ folks this morning, a short run because the water was being turned off in our barracks and we had to get back in time to get showers and all that good stuff, it was a nice jaunt through the Lindsay Valley area of the Camp, probably about five kilometres, maybe a little more. I think I might start using RunKeeper or something like that to keep track. The blister wasn’t a problem, neither was my shoes being full of sand since Not Since Moses back in July. Did I mention I hate running and don’t do it much unless I have to?

The dispute about who I’m working for is now settled, I was in the right place all along as I suspected. Now that that is clear I can get on with the job, which is starting to take some shape. I thought I’d be into the meeting with the J1 (the guy who’s basically the next level up from my job) this afternoon, but it looks like they’ve got too much on the go, so we’ll probably meet after sports day tomorrow at the mess. We’re bumping the traditional TGIF festivities to TGIT because of Remembrance Day. I won’t stay too long though, because I’m going to be going back to Halifax tomorrow night for the weekend.

We had our first real OGrp this morning to get a lot more info, on how things are being structured. A few things are clearer now, including that this tour is going to be eight months, not nine – meaning only one leave trip for the duration, and when we should know when our RIP (deployment) dates are and when our leave is likely to be.  I had lunch with the boss today too, got to know him a bit which is always a good thing. It’s slow getting started but we’re getting there. Next week I know we’re going to be out to the pistol range for a couple of days, getting a lot of familiarization with our 9mms and a lot of really good practical shooting in. For me, shooting pistols is a hobby, so it’s not going to be too much, but at the same time, the pistols the CF uses and that we’ll be carrying aren’t the modern sort I tend to use – there’s more to learn with handling, and of course getting a feel for them. If we do get into any trouble, it’s the pistol that will get us out. It makes me think of the Steve Earle song Devil’s Right Hand – “My very first pistol was a cap-and-ball Colt, shoots as fast as lightning but she loads a-might slow – soon found out, it’ll get you into trouble but it can’t get you out…”

Part of the plan is to carry them loaded (with dummy rounds) everywhere to get used to it. That will be the routine over there, and most people never touch the damned things over here. Makes sense.

I got a CD of Dari MP3s to start learning – but I’m a visual learner, so I need to find some more stuff – I need to get into how the grammar works, how the language is structured, because I can’t just memorize phrases and really get anywhere that way. I’ve found some websites already, and I also am going to have access to some sort of awesome language lab that we got donated to us for research purposes by the developers. It’s sort of an interactive thing apparently, I haven’t seen it yet. Someone described it as a “first person talker” where you interact with Dari-speaking characters. Since I will be back from block leave a week ahead of the Reg F guys I’ll have a week to spend in the lab, and I plan to make full use of it.

It’s 2pm now, and I think I’ll head back over to the office to see what the plan for Sports Day tomorrow is – and well, if there’s nothing else to do at the time, I’ll get my leave pass autographed for the weekend, and head back here.

Written by Nick

November 9, 2011 at 2:03 pm

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  1. Cool! Good to read that all is going well, my friend. Very proud of you. It’s because of people like you that we live in such a wonderful country. Keep us all updated on the process. Best of luck with the Dari as well.

    Enjoy your weekend at home!

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