A Reservist's Tale Of A Tour

…And So It Begins

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This week has been interesting. Did a bunch of last minute running around including a couple of lunch dates. Thursday night I was into the Armouries for the last time. During the CO’s OGrp at the end of the night, he went over various points, and then asked the Adjutant, “Was there something else I had to do tonight, Adjt?”

There was. And I was duly promoted to the rank of Captain, although they had been unable to find any rank insignia for me. Trusting I would be resourceful in this regard, they send me on my way, and I headed over to our home away from home, the Royal Artillery Park Officers Mess.

Traditionally in the CF, getting promoted requires the purchasing of a round of drinks in your Mess, and doing so is announced by the ringing of a bell at the bar. (We also often try to trick people – especially new guys – into ringing the bell for the same reason!) I took much joy in hammering away on the bell, and things went mostly downhill from there!

I poured myself into a cab about $150 poorer after several games of crud (poorly played) and other antics. I paid dearly for it in the morning, and was lucky to have my lovely wife drive me around to my various errands before I packed up. I managed, among other things, to come up with a good supply of Captain rank slip-ons, so I’m set there I think. I didn’t get everything I wanted to do done, but we got a nice dinner out before leaving at least.

Friday night I traveled with my Reserve unit to CFB Gagetown to help them out with a weekend exercise, live fire individual and pairs grenade assaults. I got to toss a few grenades while we proved the ranges, and everything went pretty smoothly overall. Last night I caught a ride with the CQ staff who were coming into the camp so they could be there to pick up breakfast in the morning, and they dropped me off at my shacks. Camp Gagetown just got two awesome new Single Quarters buildings, and I’m living in one of them. Nice place – big spacious room with a TV, private bath, fridge and a microwave. In fact, all I need is a kettle and I’m going to be quite happy with this. Weekends I expect to be home to Halifax so I’m not too worried about anything.

Tomorrow morning at 0800 everything starts. Task Force members have been drifting in all day and getting unpacked, tomorrow we head to the Headquarters building of 2RCR and start getting processed in. We apparently were supposed to have already drawn all our desert kit and haven’t, so I expect I’ll be headed to clothing stores fairly promptly to order everything. I’m sure the schedule will start to get clearer tomorrow.

Written by Nick

November 6, 2011 at 1:22 pm

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