A Reservist's Tale Of A Tour

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Everything’s getting close now, and it’s really bizarre because I’m starting to wrap things up at work and I’m starting to wonder what will happen next. I have some idea of course, but it’s not completely something I’m an expert on.

I’ve got sort of a strange way to get down to work up training – my unit is running an exercise that weekend so I’m basically hitching a ride with them. I’m going to play some part in that exercise (probably running some kind of live fire range) and then head off to get checked in.

Monday morning should be a “sausage factory” sort of scenario (after morning PT – which I’ve heard will probably be intense to “set the tone”), standing in a bunch of lines seeing a horde of clerks of various types to get set up to join the mounting unit. In theory, I’ll be showing up with everything I need already done, but in true military style, it will all be scrutinized a second time, because no one trusts reserve units to actually administer their people properly.

We’ll probably then have to start ordering all the kit we need for the tour – arid pattern uniforms, all sorts of things like that.

And then the actual business of training gets going. Ranges will be a big part of it, I think, apparently things like convoy drills, some actual info on the mission, the organization, and I’ll actually meet the people in my “mission element”. We’re not deploying like a conventional battle group, because that wouldn’t make sense in the context of a training mission, so there’s a whole bunch of parts to the organization. Apparently, 2RCR’s plan is to have each of its companies organize the different parts so I’ll basically wind up in one of them. No idea which, but we’ll see. I’m sure, even though I’ve done my Battle Fitness Test for the year, that we’ll have the “opportunity” to do at least one more before we go.

Work up runs until the middle of December, at which point I get sent home for FIVE WEEKS – I have no idea what I’ll do for five weeks, to be honest, I guess some kind of volunteer work, and a lot of time at the gym and yoga – because staying home all day is not going to work.

When we get back to Gagetown in mid-January, it’ll be a few more weeks of the same kind of training stuff, then we are off for a few days of embarkation leave, and then off to Afghanistan and into the job.

I’ve managed to find lots of information about Camp Eggers, which is the headquarters of NTM-A, but it’s not where I’m working, so I don’t really know what to expect – I’m trying to get some more ideas, but I guess there is some merit to the element of surprise.

Written by Nick

October 19, 2011 at 8:31 pm

Posted in The Beginning

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