A Reservist's Tale Of A Tour

And finally, on the bus…

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After a torturous few weeks, I’ve got the final word. I’m all good to go. Whatever concerns there were about the particular role I’m going over to do are now gone. I’m completely DAG Green now, and other than some last minute administration everything is good. I’ve realized that some things are going to expire in 2012 that I need to renew – my firearms license, my military ID, and so on. I’m trying to create some kind of checklist of things to make sure are done. I have to get myself taken off car insurance on renewal (by then I’ll be gone), cancel my motorcycle insurance renewal for next year (I won’t need it, naturally), and deal with some professional credential issues as well, stuff I’ll need for my day job when I get home.

Fortunately for me, one of my best friends is an Afghan vet and is giving me lots of info on what to prepare for and expect as workup nears, and I a finding that very useful information indeed.

Work – the day job – is now basically winding up. I’m at the point where I can’t really do any more business. The sales cycle for what I do as a planner is such that I won’t be around to see the deals close, and that being the case, I don’t see any value in starting much new if I won’t reap the rewards. I’m going to help get the new guy installed and then step back. The Regiment actually has one last job they’d like me to do before I leave, so I may jump into a Class A gig for a few days before I make the jump to Gagetown the first weekend of November.

Written by Nick

October 8, 2011 at 2:58 pm

Posted in The Beginning

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